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Artist Profile

I’m Daukantė, an illustrator from Lithuania with a passion for quirky objects.

I’m not big on formalities, but I hold two degrees: a BA in Graphic Design (Vilnius Academy of Arts) and a MA in Information Design (Design Academy Eindhoven). The latter is renowned for encouraging conceptual thinking and experimentation, which led me to seek inspiration in the opposite direction. It’s the casual everyday situations that I find most intriguing. 

Often an idea for a drawing comes from a pun I enjoy. Being visually minded, I have a soft spot for words. Words tend to suggest a narrative that I happily build on throughout my process. 

Popular culture is another dimension I exploit in my works as it emphasize the absurdity of our world. Whether it’s Cher saying her last goodbye only to do another farewell tour the next year or Tiger Woods managing his infidelities in the woods, everyday is filled with great stories to laugh and marvel at. 

If you’d like to commission me, reach out via

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